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Russian Youth Try To Keep Drivers Off Sidewalk - A Dude Shows Up with AK-47

From Stop a Douchebag episode 3...

Source: YouTube Video

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Might be safer to be a skywalker:

Geez, do NOT piss off people in Russia!

Doing the right thing ;)

The dude with the AK-47 or the Russian Skywalker?

The whole group enforcing the sidewalk.

Yeah, I don't want to mess with them.

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Can you believe for the episode below there are FIVE THOUSAND REDDIT COMMENTS?!


Russian here. Such fucking ignorant drivers really is a problem. Someone can say that "Stop the douchebag" are going too far. Fuck that! Those morons in their cars are really deserve it, trust me. This is really some fucked up driver syndrome, like when person got a car he began to think he is above everyone else. Pardon my lame english, but there are really too much such ignorant drivers in my country, they deserve it 100%.


             From watching many russian dash-cam videos, I think your "fucked-up driver syndrome" is the best diagnosis of the situation I've come across

Wow. So in touch with his feelings!


I love the guy in video shouting from his car like an American, "Get a job!"

Yes! Hilarious!!

Stop a Douschebag episode 18: Don't mess with the Hulk!

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Crazy lady attacks Stop a Dbag with a pipe:

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