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Why The BuzzFeed-Snapchat Discover Deal Fell Through

Why The BuzzFeed Snapchat Discover Deal Fell Through WSJ


When Snapchat last month debuted its Discover feature — a new section within the app that shows articles and videos from a range of media companies — one rumored launch partner was noticeably absent: BuzzFeed.

At an internal meeting this week, BuzzFeed chief executive Jonah Peretti detailed to employees why: the two companies were at loggerheads creatively, people at the meeting said. At issue was the fact that Snapchat’s editorial team would be involved in BuzzFeed’s content, creating friction. The two companies had “creative differences,” Mr. Peretti said at the meeting, a person familiar with the matter said.

“We’re watching Snapchat Discover closely and think it’s a really exciting program,” said BuzzFeed spokeswoman Ashley McCollum. “We’re bummed we’re not in it.”

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Sounds like Snapchat was very much of the "deviation is treason" attitude.

Also sounds like BuzzFeed is apologetic so they don't get cut out forever. 

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