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The Federal Government is an insurance company with an army

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A full EIGHTY-SIX PERCENT of the Federal budget goes to Social Security + unemployment, Military (including veterans benefits), Medicare/health, and debt service. The vast majority of the insurance goes to the elderly and disabled, including veterans. You could get rid of literally ALL of the rest of the Federal government -- food stamps, leasing public lands, maintaining embassies, monitoring banks, defending intellectual property, building roads, running the National Parks -- and it would only cut 14% of the budget. Once you truly grasp the reality of the situation, the full futility of American politics is easily explained.

So basically all but 14% of the federal budget is not negotiable?

The system really was designed to resist change.

There is no military budget shown on that chart. That is a pretty big omission.

Yeah, that's strange. Defense budget for 2016 is $585 billion:

That's a significant portion of a $3.9 trillion total budget:

If you click through, you can see the entire budget.