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I’m Autistic It’s A Lot Better Than Measles

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One of the most emotionally loaded arguments against vaccination is the "I can't take the risk of my precious baby's eyes going blank and empty, her soul lost to autism" line. Although it's utterly specious, we're meant to think "Well she's right about autism being horrific". An actual autistic person lays the smackdown on that kind of thinking, which utterly erases the value of her existence and reduces her to nothing more or less than a problem for others.

I had never read something written by an autistic person before. Very well spoken. 

Guess no one gave much thought to how autistic people might feel :(

"The anti-vaccination movement is a particularly bitter issue for me because it doesn’t just dehumanize me as an autistic person; it also sets off two of my biggest triggers. Like many people on the spectrum, I don’t handle it well when people are 1) wrong, and 2) unfair."

Yeah, after reading this I get the sense that the anti-vaccination movement inadvertently made itself anti-autistic too, as if that's a really bad thing a person could be. 

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