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Jack Dorsey's Three Rules of Technology

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Here are @Jack's rules for creating technology, via Tom Simonite:

1. Good technology becomes invisible.

Jack: “I think about new technologies in terms of utilities. The electric outlets in every room are something we don’t realize until it’s pointed out or [the power] goes down. I can plug in an electric guitar, vacuum, I can make my own product. The really great designs fade away in that sense.”

2. It has to be big, and small.

Jack: “Twitter was designed to be used by a 5 dollar cell phone in the middle of Kenya, all the way up to the largest organizations in the world such as governments. A 5 dollar phone in Kenya has the exact same tool that Lady Gaga does. We want to build at scale, but with a very large dynamic range. Square gives a sole trader a better tool in many ways than a multibillion dollar retailer. Starbucks [which recently signed up to use Square in its coffee shops] has validated that the other end of that scale is also true.”

3. Sometimes you have to force your view on the world. Dorsey seemed to echo Steve Jobs famous unwavering commitment to his own vision for the world when asked about criticism of Twitter’s recent strategy, as it pursues ad revenues. Recent moves to prevent other sites and software from accessing users’ Tweets have led some in the tech community to accuse Dorsey of leading the company away from a commitment to openness that made the network succeed in the first place. Dorsey was having none of it:

“We want to make sure that we’re shepherding the ecosystem and that we’re guiding it towards very compelling versions of what we’re working towards. We see the products as a story, we want to tell an epic story to the world, it’s one that has episodes, that has acts. Both companies are very early in their stories.”

Here's how I translate Dorsey's three points:

1. We prefer design dominating and engineering being hidden.

2. Anything that can't be used by everyone is a bad feature. Hide DM more!

3. Either follow us, or go away. And, in any case, STFU.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Those are the two best wax sculptures I've ever seen!

Haha, funny Eric.

No, really, that's Jack Dorsey in the flesh.

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