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Thanks Obama cookie too big for milk gif

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thanks obama cookie too big for milk gif Imgur Colbert president uses a selfie stick


President Obama appeared in a BuzzFeed video to promote Obamacare:

Thank you generalissimo8 for this gif.

Imgur comments:

1200+ Reddit comments:

Colbert wants that cookie.

colbert give it to me now gif Imgur Tumblr

And Obama is all...

obama come on man wtf gif Imgur Tumblr

But then he gives him the cookie.

obama youre welcome gif Imgur Tumblr

Because YOLO.

obama yolo man gif Imgur Tumblr Buzzfeed

Another fun Obama video from the Reddit comments - Colbert Report on December 9, 2014:

Obama: "We're building Iron Man."


obama cool sunglasses meme Imgur deal with it

More gifs from the Thanks Obama Buzzfeed page:

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