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Nice use of .webm by LeMonde "Kenya, the thorny Valentine roses"

The article discusses the heavy social and environmental impact of the cultivation of roses, especially during the Valentine rush.


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No gifv support? : (

I tried gif/gifv/webm/mp4 from web or upload, none works.

Sadly we have not added gifv or webm support yet. We gotta get with the times!

And you're right, this is a fine use of webm.

I don't speak French but it seems like the environmental impact of harvesting all those roses is bad. 

If I understand it well gifv is webm+mp4 and it chooses the one working best depending on the platform, basically for Apple tight ass it's mp4 and for the rest it's the open webm.

In theory that's true but in practice gifv often doesn't work on iPad and iPhone.

I wish Apple would support webm and make the problem go away.

But they seem pretty we'd to QuickTime and I guess see webm as a threat?

Are you sure gifv don't work on iPhone?

I thought they created it expressly for that, because a lot of users are under the rotten apple spirit control, otherwise they would have gone with webm only.

iPhones can read mp4 so they should be able to read gifv.

In theory it works on iPhone. That's what they designed it for, as you said.

In practice I have a lot of trouble seeing gifv on iPhone right now.

Not sure if that's because Imgur or because Apple.

And if you replace .gifv by .mp4 in the url?

I will try that the next time and let you know. That should work because Quicktime.

Confirmed that Imgur autoconverts .mp4 URLs into .gifv URLs.

Which work sometimes on iPhone but not all the time. 

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