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Between a rock and cannabis: How neighboring states struggle when pot becomes legal

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Soon every state will neighbor a state where it's legal.

not fun to be on the wrong side, yes? 

It's really not. Hopefully one day soon it will be legal everywhere. 

So Colorado is making lots of tax revenue and Nebraska is losing a lot of money to policing.

ALISON STEWART: It takes up time and money. After an arrest, regardless of whether the person is from Nebraska, Colorado or elsewhere, the county picks up the bill for housing and medical treatment for those in custody, as well as the cost of hiring a public defender.

ALISON STEWART: Sheriff Hayward says his annual jail budget has almost tripled – up nearly 100,000 dollars since 2011.

SHERIFF ADAM HAYWARD: When you have something jump up $100,000, that’s a pretty big increase for 2,000 people to cover.

ALISON STEWART: How are you closing that gap financially?

SHERIFF ADAM HAYWARD: Basically out here, I mean, all the tax revenue is generated from property taxes. So if the county needs more money they have to raise the property taxes, and, you know, it goes back to the taxpayers.

Seems like legalizing it in Nebraska makes good economic sense. 

seems like legalizing it everywhere makes good economic sense!

this is so silly.

the video made me laugh at 0:29: "with each arrest, the sheriff is collecting more and more marijuana!"  he looks pretty stoned, i must admit.  those red watery eyes...  he's living it up as long as he can!

Jimmy Kimmel says legalizing it solves three problems:

And yeah the sheriffs must be so rolling in the deep!

jimmy kimmel is right!

Our collective voice is getting stronger. 

Bad laws make criminals, and then cost money to enforce. Is it the universal desire of humans to get high that is to blame, or the overly stringent law?

I blame laws, which are man made.  Our desires are inbred.  

Or was that a rhetorical question?

It was not a rhetorical question.

The big question is why it takes lawmakers so long to catch up to society.

Especially now that over half the country supports full legalization.

over half the country?  what are we waiting for?!  time to storm the capitol!!!

The problem is that marijuana mellows out its most active supporters.

Activists we are not.

true and true.

Luckily we have momentum. I still hope to lose that bet to you as to when it happens. 

just five more years to get everyone on board...

Five years feels like an eternity when you're waiting. 

Panda marijuana hooka Cheetos meme Imgur

Is this a video? If so I need to watch this!

The gurgling hookah!  :)

That's awesome! Why have I never seen Sneezing Panda on Weed before??

Teh Internet is a magical place.

that is so good, geege.

Don't you love that someone saw the sneezing panda vid and thought "needs hookah and Cheetos"?

i actually first thought YOU thought "needs hookah and cheetos."

and i thought, "dang, geege can photoshop!"

just seemed more logical than that someone else had come up with such a genius idea... it's so geege!

I think all of us in this vicinity have a similar sense of humor ....

Oh yes. When I Google "panda weed" I find this:

Omigod violence!  Yet wonderful!!

That's the 1940s for you!

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