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Shark Tank Fresh Patch of Grass Pee Pad for Dog Potty or Cat Grass Litter Box: FreshPatch

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It's Grass as a Service!

Cats and dogs enjoy a fresh grass shipment every two weeks.

Using real grass has a benefit over artificial dog grass and some types of kitty litter.

Andrew Feld brings grass, in the form of a grass pee-pad for dogs, into the Shark Tank in episode 616. He calls his product Fresh Patch and it’s literally a patch of grass in a box. The idea is to use it as a training tool for dogs, getting them to want to train on real grass instead of synthetic pee-pads or news paper.

Feld claims that, by using a real grass pee-pad, dogs won ‘t get conditioned to peeing on synthetic surfaces – which could make for messy, smelly carpets. Dogs love grass; they like running on it, rolling on it, and doing their business on it. Back in 2010, Feld got the idea to deliver hunks of turf to people with dogs so they’d have an all-natural place for Fido to pee.

The advantage of a grass pee-pad is the root system absorbs odors and, when the Fresh Patch is saturated, you can palnt it outside or dump in into the compost heap. Feld shipsFresh Patch via FedEx in a recyclable, compostable cardboard box. If you opt for his subscription service, a new patch of grass gets shipped every two weeks.

They got a deal on Shark Tank with Mark and Barbara.

Fresh Patch is kind of like a litter box for your dog or cat.

Every week or two, the company will deliver to you a 16-by-24-inch patch of live grass, which you can place anywhere inside your home. You train your dog to do its thing on the patch, which absorbs liquids and odors through its root system (though you do have to dispose of solid waste yourself). At the end of the week, throw out the old grass once the new piece arrives. This product can be used for training puppies to “go” on grass (instead of your floor), or for elderly owners who have a hard time walking their dog every day. Here’s a video of the Fresh Patch in action.

Fresh Patch is easy to order directly from its website. The company ships everywhere in the contiguous United States, so you can potty train your dog no matter where you live. The grass ships out from California once a week, on Mondays, and gets to the East Coast by Fridays. 

The founders seem like great people with a fine product.

Shark Tank Fresh Patch of Grass Pee Pad for Dog Potty or Cat Grass Litter Box: FreshPatch meme Imgur

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