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This Immersive Michael Jordan Simulator Is the World's Coolest Basketball Court

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Except that they had to hire a dude to play Byron Russell, this IS a holodeck. UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE!!!

I thought you were exaggerating but actually this is amazing.

This jaw-dropping immersive environment was a collaboration between creative agency AKQA, video-production company Stardust, and Nike’s Jordan brand, and it’s part of a bigger suite of interactive experiences made to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan. It’s on display at the Jordan All-Star Weekend exhibition, which runs through Sunday night right across the street from Madison Square Garden, where Sunday night’s NBA All-Star Game is being played. It’s open to the public for free, but the lines are predictably long.

One of the keys to The Last Shot’s immersive ways is the amazing level of detail. For the 1982 crowd scene, some of the 250 actors wear throwback fashions, big mustaches, and mullets for an extra dose of ’80s authenticity. Using RED 4K cameras, Stardust captured those scripted crowd scenes in the Honda Center in Anaheim to cover different reactions, the wall angles, and clever wardrobe changes.

Even Jordan himself hasn’t experienced some aspects of this amazing setup.

Here’s what happens when you step inside: your actual surroundings transform. You find yourself on a basketball half-court. At first, the walls around you are white as the THX 1138 set. But then those walls come to life. Suddenly, you’re surrounded by a realistic-looking crowd, because the walls are actually massive LED displays.

But wait, there’s more: The floor beneath you morphs into parquet. Which arena’s parquet? It depends what you selected while you were waiting in line. On wall-mounted iPads outside the scene you choose a scenario, and two of them are storybook moments from Jordan’s career.

You can either try to replicate his game-winning shot in the 1982 NCAA Championship game versus Georgetown, or you can replicate his final shot as a member of the Chicago Bulls in 1998: a top-of-the-key jumper against the Utah Jazzthat boosted the Bulls to their sixth NBA championship.

1982 Championship game:

1998 last shot:

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