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Panda Asks for Hug to Get Down from Tree

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Best Reddit comment:

How to defend yourself from bears:

Brown - walk away slowly and be non threatening.

Black - stand your ground and be very threatening.

White - pray.

Panda - hug it and revel in its adorable uselessness.

Koala bears - not real. Koalas are marsupials.

Drop bears - run and hide, but don't be optimistic. None can escape the might of a drop bear.

Water bears - cannot be beat but pose no threat.

Red pandas - watch from afar. If you get too close it may either eat you or have an orgy.

Big Gay Manly Bears - all these want is love. Just don't force it.

For those who don't know what a water bear is:

water bear meme Imgur

Doesn't look like much of a bear. :)

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