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5 Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Are So Happy

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My favorite is 5.) Doing what you love

Women are more likely to start businesses to pursue a personal passion and make a positive impact, according to U.S. Trust. Daryl Roth, a Broadway producer who has won seven Pulitzers and eight Tonys—including Raisin in the Sun this year—exemplifies this. Roth’s love for the theater started when she was young. She went to the theater with her parents and sister. “I was the happiest audience member,” said Roth. When not in the audience, she was an avid reader, immersing herself in the creations of other people’s imaginations.

Now, it is her creativity that sparks the imagination of others. The plays she produces typically explore issues of life and identity, especially as they relate to gender, race, and religion. Her work provides food for thought and discussion long after the audience leaves the theater.

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