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This Is Your Brain On Love

This is your brain on love - Vox

This is your brain on love - Vox

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Interesting!  Low serotonin levels, a marker of OCD, correlate with possessiveness and jealousy!

So high serotonin is love?

You can love with low serotonin but it will be prone to obsessive thoughts/behaviors.  Where's the PW therapist? 

3) There are some similarities between falling in love and OCD

In experiments at the University of Pisa, Marazziti and colleagues have studied levels of serotonin — a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of contentment — in the brains of people who said they fell in love in the previous six months.

Given that we think of love as a positive emotion, it's a bit surprising that she found reduced levels of serotonin in these people, compared to controls. Even more surprising, though, is that they were as low as other study participants who had obsessive compulsive order — so low, she says, that "my biologists came back to me and assumed that the readings were from people who suffered from OCD."

I think you and I are the PW therapist until we find one.

Today I learned there's a fine line between love and obsession.

God help us all on both counts!

Aww yiss!

"All You Need Is Love" scene from Love Actually:

Love Actually's "All You Need Is Love" is from the Beatles, and there's actually a GLEE version too:

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