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12 Successful Kickstarters That Never Delivered

12 Successful Kickstarters That Never Delivered


All is not right in the world of crowdfunding. For every massive critical success like Shovel Knight or Divinity: Original Sin, there are numerous games or game-related projects that disappoint, under-deliver, or, as has become scarily common, take people's money and never make what they promised in the first place.

One of last week's biggest stories was the struggle of Godus, Peter Molyneux's undercooked strategy game that raised ~800,000 on Kickstarter in late 2012. But at least that game came out, even if it was unfinished and disappointing to most backers. There are other Kickstarters, both big and small, that have gone MIA or taken years longer than originally promised.

We've put together a list of 12 game-related Kickstarter projects that took people's money but never quite delivered. The combined total: $2,098,967. We plan to continue shining a light on crowdfunded projects that never come to fruition, so e-mail me if you'd like to share any.

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There's a fine line between not delivering and just robbing people.

$2.1 million lost is probably why I don't trust Kickstarter projects. 

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