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Amanda Bynes hit-and-run: Obama No Help

Amanda Bynes hit and run Obama No Help

Source: MSN

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On June 6, MSN wrote:

Poor Amanda Bynes. The movie starlet has had a rough couple of months: In April she was arrested for a DUI in April after allegedly sideswiping a police car, and in May she was accused of hitting another car and fleeing the scene.

To solve her legal problems, she's pursuing her case through the courts like a calm, rational person. Just kidding!

In true Hollywood style she tweeted directly to President Obama and urged him to intervene on her behalf:

"I don't drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end."

Surely it's only a matter of time before Obama comes to Amanda's rescue. It's not like he's campaigning for reelection, trying to fix the economy, or dealing with any other more pressing issues...

Perhaps she should have asked Mitt Romney for help instead.

She pleaded not guilty in June.

Fast forward to today:

Looks like President Obama is too busy to come to Amanda Bynes' aid after all. Prosecutors in Los Angeles have charged the 26-year-old actress with two hit-and-run counts stemming from two separate incidents in which she allegedly hit another car and fled the scene. Back on April 10, Bynes reportedly hit a car on a Los Angeles freeway and took off. She allegedly did the same on Aug. 4 after she rear-ended another driver.

Bynes faces up to a year in jail if convicted, and somehow we don't think the court will allow her emphatic tweet declaring, "I don't drink … I also don't hit and run. The end," into evidence. Thank you, TMZ.

How's Obama gonna fix the economy if he can't even keep Amanda Bynes out of jail?

I note that she deleted all the tweets from her account. Smart move.

That's a hilarious quote.

Lol. She needs to hire a driver.

She should be able to afford one, right?

I feel bad for her. Sounds like she doesn't have any friends.

Definitely. I see what happened now; she refused the sobriety test and got charged with DUI -- she is probably telling the truth and is pissed off they arrested or charged her without, actual evidence. California highway patrol can be ... Haha. And the hit and run seems way worse than it acfually is; it's like a fender bender and they didn't call the police. If she would have called the police they would have told her they don't care, honesty and to just take care or it as long as no one is hurt.

Right, the things she did wrong were:

1. Mouthing off to a cop, and

2. Leaving the scene of a fender bender.

And for that she has to suffer the indignity of being dragged through the tabloids.

Sounds like she's learning the hard way.

I hope she has friends who can tell her it will be okay.

Do you think that being a celebrity is more isolating?

Absolutely. Probably more insecurity about friends, trust abused; people want to be friends with famous people.

Celebrities get money and fame but give up the things that make us human.

Is it worth it?

Upward social mobility; folks use celebrities because said celebrity can help make them more famous.

We think of this as only social dilettantes like Kim Kardashian, but the vast majority of Americans -- perhaps global citizens -- act this way.

Thus, a celebrity loses trust in individuals because they are no longer able to discern who is genuinely interested in them as a human being and who is using them in order to advance their own social mobility.

"Social climbers" is the default in American Society today. For proof? See how many SV folks are willing to pay $35,000/plate to get their photo taken with Obama.

She was probably using bluetooth.

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