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Buggy Norton Internet Security update crashes Internet Explorer

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Sadly security software has a long history of bugs, sometimes causing more of a headache than the attacks which it is trying to prevent.

One of the best reasons to move to Mac is to avoid dealing with stuff like this.

Macs are just as buggy and have an even bigger false sense of security.

Rut roh. So I only think I haven't had a virus?

No, you've been lulled into complacency thinking viruses are the worst security threat against your Mac by Apple spending hundreds of millions of dollars of ads to convince you so, when the real security issues don't have to do with file-based viruses at all. 

The real security issues are private data snatchers?

Or something worse than that?

or try out itSoftware...  =)   <---- very biased

Jared on Windows not on Mac, right? Just clarifying...

Enterprise Windows only at the moment...consumer version TBA?

Sweet. Thanks!

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