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Craziest GTA V Mount Chiliad Mystery theories

Craziest GTA V Mount Chiliad Mystery theories


Come back here when your story is complete.' That's the message scrawled on the back of the viewing platform atop GTA V's mythical Mount Chiliad. The clue's in the mural and the mural is the clue, but what does it all mean? Is there a jetpack buried in there somewhere? With GTA V landing on PC on March 24, it likely won't be long before modders bash open the game's skull with their digital rocks to find out for sure. But that imminent array of answers hasn't stopped the Chiliad Mystery hunters continuing to drum up crackpot theory after crackpot theory.

Peruse the pages of GTAForums or and you'll find all manner of wacky hypotheses. Some seem valid, some are far-fetched, and some are just downright insane. Here we'll dig out the 10 very weirdest, craziest Chiliad Mystery theories. Which side of the genius-lunacy divide do you think they fall on?

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Red Bull using GTA V and Reddit to give people with lots of time something to do. Wow.

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