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Wakeskating in Winter w/ Brian Grubb

What is pulling this guy?  Amazing how he using the board without being strapped onto it ;)

In his constant pursuit of new challenges, wakeskating pioneer Brian Grubb paid a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina and headed for Olympic mountain Bjelasnica, 25 kilometer from Sarajevo. His vision was to take wakeskating completely out of the summer environment and put it in winter conditions.And, to spice things up, to combine water and snow elements for the first time.

His quest brought him to Studeni Potok (Icy Creek) on Bjelasnica plateau, near the village Umoljani. What they've found there was a snowy wonderland amidst untouched mountain wilderness. Icy Creek lies at the bottom of a snow covered valley, winding its countless curves through the thick white blanket. The locals also call the creek Dragon's Tail.

Preparing combined snow/water course in heavy terrain and weather conditions was quite a task. Pulled by one of the longest winch lines (1300ft), he carved his way through the deep snow at one moment, wakeskating in the creek at next, back to snow, then creek again – performing some of his favorite tricks on water and snow. 

It´s a sort of mixture of wake and snowskating… something that lacks a name?

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"Pulled by one of the longest winch lines (1300ft)"!!!

what's pulling it?  No, what's *filming* it?!!

Great question!  Looks like a helicopter?  Seems too fast for a drone.

Agreed, too fast for a drone. Crazy kids with their hybrid sports! :)

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