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This Professor Has Invented a Pill That Eliminates Hangovers

This Professor Has Invented a Pill That Eliminates Hangovers MUNCHIES


Nutt’s second drug is described as a “chaperone,” which can reduce the effects of alcohol on the body. If the pill is taken before drinking, it is impossible to become drunk “to the point of incapacitation,” i.e. drunk enough to think hassling the DJ to play “Single Ladies” for “all my girls” is a good idea.

If made widely available, the pill could be used as a quick way to sober up after a night out and may even reduce the risk of drink driving, although Nutt notes that the price would need to be set high to avoid abuse.

But Nutt’s new drugs aren’t just enablers for midweek partying. The professor also stresses alcosynth’s potential as an alcohol addiction treatment.

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Wouldn't it be easier to just legalize marijuana?

Yes, it would be easier to legalize marijuana. 

Even then this could be useful for treating alcohol addiction.

Wow, this is really quite bad, actually.  For hangovers, sure, that's all good.  For combating heavy drinking/alcoholism, it's suicidal.  Benzo's are even worse than alcohol in terms of level of addictiveness, take 10X as long to detox from, and for real alcoholics, they'll mix these together, not swap one for the other.  Crikey...

If they mix them they'll start drinking less.

Or is cold turkey is the only way alcoholics can quit?

I don't think mixing them leads to less abuse, heh.  Not only that, it's incredibly dangerous (sleeping pill/alcohol style)

"NEW FROM JDOTP: A surefire way to quit smoking!  Just inject this heroin into your vein, and you will be less capable of lighting that cigarette!"

All right, I see your points.

Back to halibutboy's point: How many fewer people would drink if they could just do weed instead?

I'M NO EXPERT but alcohol is more of a social lubricant and the marijuana, I've heard, has an effect that can make the user more introspective.

I guess the whole alcohol-as-socially-acceptable-social-lubricant thing needs to be rethought. 

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