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Think your week was hard? Tokyo salary man’s insane work diary goes viral...

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The man loves his granola.

What's going on in this video:

A recent video uploaded by prolific YouTube vlogger Stu in Tokyo has gone viral, so far reaching more than half a million views.

The topic of video? A week in the life of a Tokyo “salary man,” the common name in Japan for a salaried office worker.

Stu works for a British financial services company in Tokyo, he explains in the video. Typically the months of January, February and March are “crunch time,” requiring long hours.

So, Stu decided to keep a video diary of just how much he works each day, and what he actually has time to do after he gets off work. It doesn’t turn out to be much of anything at all.

But that’s okay, says Stu. “There are definitely people in Tokyo who do this all year round in order to support their families. I couldn’t imagine having to do this if I had those kinds of responsibilities as well.”

"You graduate, you work, you die. All things are attached to the company.

No GF? We do that for you.

Problems with landlord? We do that for you!


Vacation? The office is a good vacation spot!

You are moving ofshore for 3 years. We took care of everything.

You are the company."

sounds like being a parent, but to a job instead of a child!

Less fulfilling than being a parent, it seems. 

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