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How The Most Powerful People Get Things Done: 4 Tips From A White House Staffer

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So what should we do when we need to decide quickly?

In my interview with Duke professor Dan Ariely (and author ofPredictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions) he advised you’re more likely to do the right thing if you take the “outside perspective” — in other words if you ask yourself, “What advice would I give to someone else in this situation?”


  1. Be Responsive. Know what’s important and make sure you’re on top of it.
  2. Don’t Overanalyze. Make A Decision. Information is great but often we can’t wait for perfect answers. “A good decision now is better than a perfect decision in two days.”
  3. Always Be Learning. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Keep reading and commit to the long term to become an expert.
  4. Have Passion. Focusing too much on money is the #1 career regret. When we care, our work is better and we’re more satisfied.

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