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throughTheCubicle: Reverse Engineering Tinder's API

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He sounds bored.

What would possible posses someone to spend a Friday night trying to learn the inner workings of the Tinder API? Me that's who. I was trying to think of a project involving social media and I thought it would be fun to write a bot that sits on tinder. The bot would spam accept every person it finds periodically moving location for maximum reach. The idea from there is that when a spammers account get hit it will match with my bots account. The spam account will then send me an automated message with a link to whatever site they are advertising for. My bot would monitor for incoming messages and when they came in run a Bayesian algorithm on the message and report the account if it is detected as spam. The first part of making this a reality was to find out how to call the Tinder API. I am sure someone out there has already documented this but, I feel like doing a little tinkering so this feels like a perfect opportunity.

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