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“Rules of Business” by Stewart Butterfield of Slack and Flickr

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It's very very rare for any entrepreneur to come up with two products that users love -- although with enough money and a good PR team, a lot of them can maintain the illusion for a long time -- but Stewart is definitely one of them. The technorati are loving this essay!

He gets bonus points for keeping it short and sweet:

1. Pretend like you're a human being.

2. Make it inevitable.

3. Every job you do has your signature on it.

4. Everyone should try to be making it easier for everyone.

5. Know why you're doing it.

On that last point:

I find it incredibly satisfying (and gratifying, rewarding and pleasant) to honestly have done the best job I could have done on something and I believe that works for everyone else too. Being skillful and exercising your mastery is what you’re here to do. Doing anything less undermines the whole point of being alive.

That's the most satisfying definition of "meaning of life" I've ever seen.

No wonder @ev and @rands are recommending this article.

There's something about his "make it inevitable" paragraph that resonates with me.

There is some truth to that old Henry Ford aphorism “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”. If you can’t believe it, it’s probably not going to happen. However, I like to take that one step farther and ensure that every action we take is one that assumes the desired outcome is inevitable. Do not make actions that are out of alignment with that inevitability. Do not allow judgements which contradict it. The more evidence you have — and everyone else has — that things will come out as planned, the more likely it will be so.

Bonus article - "We Don't Make Saddles Here" published July 31, 2013:

Found via triketora:

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