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How Do You Grade Out as a Negotiator?

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Today I learned there are five negotiation bargaining styles, according to Michael Wheeler, a senior fellow at Harvard Business School and retired MBA Class of 1952 Professor of Management Practice, who taught negotiation for 20 years:

Empathetic Value-Creator (30 percent): Good at understanding the true needs of others and spotting problem-solving capabilities, you are less confident about asserting your own interests and maximizing your share.

Assertive Value-Claimer (10 percent): You are confident about advocating for your own interests and capturing your piece of the pie—even though your lack of empathy for others might mean there's less of it left to win.

Assertive Value-Creator (15 percent): You are good at advocating for yourself, but no matter how much you get, you tend to worry you should have claimed an even bigger share.

Relational Negotiator (25 percent): You are confident about your interpersonal skills, but not about how well you do in creating value and claiming your share. Maybe you are not giving yourself enough credit?

Outcome-Focused Negotiator (20 percent): Good at both creating and claiming value, you are not always good at relating to others or understanding what they—or you—really need.