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The history behind Nintendo's flip-flop on mobile gaming

The history behind Nintendo s flip flop on mobile gaming


Did you hear the one about Nintendo "never" putting its content on mobile platforms? About how Nintendo makes its own hardware specifically intended to cater to its software? About how it would dilute those "brands" (think: Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong) to put them on hardware other than Nintendo's?

Clearly Nintendo isn't so worried about that, as it announced plans last evening to work with Japan mobile game giant DeNA on moving its many brands over to mobile. Or, as Nintendo describes the relationship: a "business and capital alliance to develop and operate new game apps for smart devices and build a new multi-device membership service for consumers worldwide." Sounds like a blast!

Joking aside, this is a pretty serious about-face for a company that's repeatedly stated it wouldn't put its properties on mobile.

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In retrospect Nintendo missed a big opportunity. Hopefully DeNA can help them.

One day later, Nintendo's stock is skyrocketing. The rise follows the announcement that the Japanese games company is to start making games for smartphones in an alliance with DeNA.

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