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Deer baby fawn Pip and great dane dog Kate are friends gif

deer and dog friends gif Imgur cute Nature PBS baby fawn Pip Pippin great dane Kate did we just become best friends yup animals being bros

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Source is PBS Nature - Animal Odd Couples - Kate and Pip:

Watch the full episode online at 

After being abandoned by her mother, a baby fawn, Pippin, was adopted by a Great Dane, Kate, and they have been best friends ever since. Kate's owner Isobel Springett describes the uniqueness of their relationship: "When they greet each other, I've never seen anything like it. It's not a deer greeting a deer. It's not a dog greeting a dog. It's definitely something that they have between the two of them."

Super cute!

Cute and stands up to multiple watchings!

PBS Nature Odd Animal Couples 2013 Full Documentary:

Kate and Pip start at about 11:40 into this video.

Honey the Great Dane & Lemon the Tortoiseshell Cat - Magic Moments Together:

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