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Open Source Works. Just Ask Facebook.

Open Source Works Just Ask Facebook WIRED


Plenty of companies are now releasing open source projects in the hopes that other companies will help improve their software, but Facebook stands out because its projects actually end up being used by so many others. A startup called Datastax built an entire company to support users of Facebook’s database Cassandra, and now even Apple is exploring the use of Facebook’s ambitious server designs in its data centers.

So it’s no surprise that one of Facebook’s newest open source projects, Presto, is winning over outside companies too. Facebook recently released a new version of the big data tool, saying it’s at least twice as fast as previous versions. But even without the new improvements, Presto had already found a home at several other big-name internet operations, including Airbnb, Dropbox, and Netflix.

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Open Source makes a lot of sense for Facebook as a recruiting strategy.

The best developers will play with their code out in the wild and want to come work at Facebook to work on the code full time.

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