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Hulk punching Thor gif and Hulk smash Loki gif

hulk punching thor gif Imgur

Thank you YoureUsingCoconuts for making this gif:

johnreiner High Quality Avengers gif Imgur album:

YoureUsingCoconuts High Quality Avengers gif album:

Includes Hulk smash Loki gif too:

Hulk smash Loki gif Imgur

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Charlie Jane Anders writes:

That sequence took from the first day of the process until the very end, says White. It's one long continuous shot of the two of them working together, ending with Hulk punching Thor. For the actual punch, they put Chris Hemsworth in front of a bluescreen standing on top of a real section of a downed Leviathan that they built. And they attached Hemsworth to a cable pull that they retimed, so he could look like he was knocked sidewise. They cut a few frames out of the footage, so it looks like Hulk's punch has "instant impact," says White.

See the 23 other secrets, too.

I also enjoyed Hulk smashing Loki.

hulk smash loki gif

Lower quality version of Hulk punching Thor:

HULK SMASH THOR gif Imgur when Hulk punches Thor in The Avengers that was one of the hardest shots to get right

This was the hardest scene in the movie to get right.

Source: Weird Secrets of The Avengers That You'd Never Have Guessed

Thor should do this:

hulk smash Thor fail gif imgur tumblr hulk punches hammer

Imgur comments:

Don't forget JimB's famous Mirror scene in Contact. It's subtle. It's one continuous scene all the way through of her as a kid running upstairs to the mirrored medicine cabinet, when you find out the whole scene had been shot through the reflection of the mirror.

Greg, that's pretty phenomenal.

Still, I love a good Hulk smashing.

Hulk smash Loki gif Imgur Tumblr cartoon

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