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Looper: An awesome time travel movie.

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Meredith Woerner writes:

Here's the super brief synopsis. By the year 2074, time travel has been invented and subsequently outlawed. The only people who use time travel in the year 2074 are gangsters. Since ditching dead bodies is still a problem in the future, criminal masterminds send their victims back 30 years, to be blasted by the blunderbusses of the Loopers. It's a fairly simple job: The Looper shows up to a tarped off spot, and whammo a hooded, hand tied victim appears. The Looper shoots, collects the silver taped to the victims back and disposes of the body. A Looper's contract is up when the silver is replaced by gold, which means the Looper has just "closed their Loop," (which signifies they have just killed their future selves). The Looper is then free to live out the remaining 30 years of their life with their big pay day.

We pick up in the year 2044, following a Looper named Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Unfortunately for Joe, it's time for him to close his loop, except that his future self (Bruce Willis) escapes. This is not good for Joe, as the current mob will now spend the rest of their days hunting down Old Joe and Young Joe, until that loop is closed. Young Joe has to kill his future self to get his life back, and clearly Old Joe isn't willing to let that happen. Of course there's much more to this story than two versions of a guy trying to outsmart each other, but we'll let you fall into that plot twist yourself.

This film is full of moral dilemmas, accompanied by glorious, engaging and thoughtful action. Even the long shootout sequences are peppered with director Rian Johnson's trademark charm. But don't expect a pair of brothers to come tumbling out of the trunk in bowler hats. When you cut up your past, the future is scarred forever.

Sounds great. Comes out Sept 28.

Looper trailer:

sounds like I should go see this movie strictly on the grounds that it's fairly original

Yes, but don't expect anything mind-blowing like Prime.

And don't expect anything Dafuq-inducing like LOST.

I'm guessing the movie this movie most closely resembles is 12 Monkeys.

Which was a pretty underrated flick, as far as I'm concerned.

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