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hero0fwar Welcome to Gif Tournament Reddit Elvis Viva Las Vegas gifv

hero0fwar Welcome to Gif Tournament Reddit Elvis Viva Las Vegas gifv

Incredible 47M Elvis Viva Las Vegas gif:

Thank you hero0fwar for these gifs!

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hero0fwar made the whole gif in Photoshop:

yes the gif was 100% photoshop, and it was made in several parts. Here was my break down (I spent more time on this gif than I am willing to admit)

Initially I had to get the scene into PS, which was more than 500 frames, and had to save it in two seperate pieces because I could not save a layered file over 2gb. Part one of the scene and part two of the sceneHere is the opening logo, the curtains were apart of the actual video, I just seperated them and then reversed it so I had both opening and closingFirst set of text and the break down of the fire to smoke animation so you can see how shitty it actually looks, but looks good in quick motion. Then lastly the second half of the text which pretty much had nothing special about it other than some lights.

Full resolution of the gif with no dither or lossy (47mb)

Source of that explanation:

The preggit reply is matt01ss doesn't have to cuss in his gifs to sell records. Well I do...

hero0fwar Wolf of Wall Street gif about gifs:

In that same source.

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