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Oppa North vs. South Korea Style

Oppa North vs South Korea Style

Source: Imgur

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The right, of course, refers to Oppa Gangnam Style.


As for the comparison of North and South Korea, The Oatmeal is harsher.

This guy will have to keep jumping like this for the rest of his professional life - Oppa Gangnam Style...

He better pray for a followup hit....

On the gangman dance cam at the Dodger's game posted on PW, the camera went to him after a large number of fans and he felt compelled to stand up and do his signature moves, so he's still riding that wave....

Well, considering he's had six albums but this is his first stateside hit, he has his work cut out for him.

Otherwise this is just another "Macarena"...

Jamba Juice, btw, has Steel-cut Oatmeal. Not sure why that's better....

Ha! I'm not sure either. ;)

b/c rolled oats damage the germ and scrape off the bran....

and I'm friggin obsessed with this damn song.. i blame you pandawhale!!! lol

I played it for my kids, they didn't really care for it. I thought they might get a kick out of the video too, but parts are a little age-inappropriate for their ages.

I'm sure it'll still be hot by the time they turn the right ages. ;-)

"Oppa Gangnam Style" is an earworm.

Some people cannot get it out of their head, while others wonder why this is popular.

Other recent examples are Call Me Maybe and Somebody I Used To Know.

I'm like Jason. Cannot get this song out of my head.

Also called an "infectious groove".

That term is being way too kind to the earworms.

Lol. A female colleague once told me that when Sade first came out, she couldn't sleep for a night or two because she couldn't get one of her songs out of her head.

"Smooth Operator"?

I still wake up singing that one sometimes...

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