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The Great Geek Sexism Debate

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If you couldn't tell by the categorization, all three of these depressed me mightily, especially Dawkin's.

Over the past few months, three of the most influential conventions in geekdom — Readercon (for science fiction writers), The Amazing Meeting (for skeptics), and DefCon (for hackers) — have been at the center of very public discussions about sexism and sexual harassment in their communities. After all three conventions in 2012, women spoke out publicly about episodes of sexual harassment and humiliation they experienced at the cons. The fallout was ugly — but also awesome. Here's what happened, and what's still happening, as formerly male-dominated geek spaces make way for women.

Basically, things suck but they're (slowly) improving.

Example: "Over the past few years, authors have been taking a stand against this, and Paul Cornell is one of many popular authors who has warned that he will never speak on a panel that doesn't include women."

Btw I like the use of creeper cards to tell dudes to STFU:


(When I asked why green cards weren't necessary, she shrugged: "Not being an asshole should be its own reward.")

I think they could use those cards at Readercon.

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