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Ballet School - Heartbeat Overdrive - New 80's

From Berlin

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Are they from the 1980s? They remind me of Eighth Wonder - I'm Not Scared ...

From 1988:

That band has some similarities, but I think they are closer to another band, can't think of it, but I will ;)

"The Berlin-based trio, fronted by outgoing Irish fashion plate Rosie Blair, is very much a product of online musical discourse, tracing the members’ shared musical history through riot grrrl to shoegaze to Destiny’s Child and ending up with something that sounds like a new evolution of sleek ’80s synthpop."

Wow, they sound like the 1980s even though they recorded in 2014.

Missing Persons Mental Hopscotch?

Similar vocals...

Some similarities, but I would say Missing Persons has a bit of punk to them, Ballet school more disco/dance/pop?

Like Blondie - Heart of Glass?

From 1978:

I think it has more techno in it than the Blondie song; which is a very traditional instrument rock song.  It maybe is more early 90's dance music sounding.

Maybe Cathy Dennis - CMon Get My Love from 1990?

Maybe they are not a perfect match for anyone, but a mix, I pick up on a little Bananarama, and Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam.

Hmmm, ok. Will leave it at that. :)

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