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A Year No Hawgs Will Die β€” Medium

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yay! A-10s!

A-10s are good?

The A-10 makes enemy combatants piss their pants. When it arrives, they immediately realize the folly of their choice to oppose us. They go from organizing, shooting, and moving, to praying, hunkering, and running. This is a documented reality spanning from at least Desert Storm to the present day, and is the reason we have A-10s dispatched to Europe and the Middle East. We know its’ the case even if Air Force senior officials find it too inconvenient to state explicitly.

But more importantly, the arrival of an A-10 swells the veins of soldiers with adrenalin and emboldens them to shred adversaries. Just as artillery barrages are sometimes used to β€œbuck up” troops locked into tough battles, a strafing pass from an A-10 can renew the fighting will of an exhausted and embattled formation, sometimes giving the commander the little edge he needs to rally the troops and turn the tide.

Sweet! Sounds like it would make a fine videogame and/or virtual reality environment...

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