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How I Built a $100k Jerky Business in Six Months for Less Than $100

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Stick in a Box is a clever name.

Here are some of the steps I took to grow Stick in a Box from $0 to $100k in 6 months:

  1. Decided on a business model: Without having money to buy and experiment with inventory up front, I was forced to explore options that didn't require an initial outlay of capital. The subscription model made perfect sense. Up front sales, predictable inventory and very little overhead. Sold.
  2. Built a knowledge network: I didn't know squat about the subscription model business and unfortunately there wasn't anything all that helpful online either, so I built a knowledge base of my own. I did that by creating a private group on Facebook and reached out personally to a handful of other non-competitive subscription box founders who were willing to collaborate. Together, we've help each other out tremendously. This has singlehandedly been the most helpful thing I've done.
  3. Built the site: I'm not a coder nor a designer, both of which I needed. And, both of which are not cheap. Fortunately, the subscription model has been around for a bit and platforms such as Shopify have started to support them. For less than $100, I was able to buy a domain and set up a site with a slightly modified template in two days. None of which required an outside developer or designer. It wasn't (and still isn't) the prettiest or most optimized site, but it was cheap and worked like a charm. 
  4. Drove subscription sales: Turns out selling online is the same as selling offline — they both require hustle. The approaches I've taken are too numerous to list here, but all of them involve spending no more than $25. There is no magic bullet here, just a requirement to always keep pushing. I've used social, blogging, press, partnerships, email, etc., but none have worked as well as happy customers. Over deliver on customer experience and you won't have to spend a dime on marketing.

P.S. This guy LITERALLY built a Jerk Store!

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