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Clingy panda does not let zookeeper go gif

clingy panda cubs gif imgur tumblr do not let zookeeper go

Thank you imjustadude90 for this gif... And 35 more:

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Clingy panda zookeeper gif gifv:

Thank you imjustadude90 for this gif.

Imgur comments:

Reddit comments:

OP made an Imgur album with 35 panda gifs:

"The one where she closes the door on the panda makes me sad. BUT THE REST ARE GREAT."

Exactly.  What kind of person closes a door on a panda?!

I was wondering the same thing! So many great panda gifs in that set!

From the Reddit comments:

baby panda cub going to sleep gif imgur tumblr zookeeper

From the Reddit comments: 

pandas eating bamboo gif imgur tumblr

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