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Pancake Burglar Cat! STEALING PANCAKES!

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Halp! I've been burgled by this thieving pancake kitten!!

cat stealing pancake gif

More, please!

These pancakes are obviously sort of... CHEWY. Only fit for animals.

You prefer your pancakes fluffy?

cat pancakes gif

cat pancakes gif

cat pancakes gif

Why'd the kitty have to steal the pancake with all the butter on it??

How the heck am I supposed to butter my pancakes now?????






Cat Pancaking is a niche form of Cat Breading.

But now I'll always wonder when I eat a pancake if a cat has licked it first.

I guess cats just love carbs...

cat eating spaghetti noodle

Yes. Yes they do.

tabby cat eats spaghetti

Pancakes make a fine hat. 

cat breaking pancakes

cat breaking pancakes

cat breaking pancakes

cat breaking pancakes

cat breaking pancakes

cat breaking pancakes

Does pancake cat like seafood as well?

pancake sting ray sea

If it looks like a pancake, YES.

cat eating pancakes

cat pancakes SOON meme Imgur

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