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Adam Rifkin – networker extraordinaire! And referrer of greatness too, me hopes...


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I'm really hoping Adam will help me quickly find some suitable candidates for rockstar CTO position at my new startup here in Austin TX.

Essentially we need a full stack guy that's a Ruby genius... I presume you can't swing an ergonomic keyboard in the Bay and Silicon Valley Area without hitting several... and then only the good ones are already members of 106 Miles, right?

Please help!

Heh. Is this CTO someone who codes?

YES!  He needs to be a Ruby genius as well as a cool dude!

Someone cool in Austin Texas who can code in Ruby and can be a CTO?

I searched all of LinkedIn and found exactly one person I know who fits all of that:

Looks like he's working on his own startup right now. I haven't talked with him in years!

Do you know him?

There are many, many Ruby people not in 106 Miles by the way.

Thanks very much Adam, and I don't know him but one of my cofounders does.  There might be many, many Ruby people but I sure don't know them and am so grateful you do and are willing to share... even if it's only one person.

And I'm somewhat surprised that only one person turned up that you know in Austin.  If there are any more out there in SF and SV, either in or out of 106 Miles, who you also know and might be willing to relocate to Austin for the right gig please let me know – we've got the right gig!

A couple of those finger points would be quite helpful and much appreciated too...

I've heard of a lot more people moving from Austin to Silicon Valley than the other way around.

You're much more likely to find the right person in the Austin Ruby community...

...than trying to persuade someone in Silicon Valley to relocate to Austin.

This place has its own magnetism that makes it difficult for most technical people to leave. 

Gotcha.  Well I do appreciate the help and we will see what we can find here in the capital of Texas.

As to Austin, the only real reason we've got the growth and ridiculously high real estate prices we've got is due to the number of Californians coming here every day, happily paying cash for three times the house at 1/3 the cost of what's being charged in California... 

And that includes folks coming here from Silicon Valley – though not necessarily great numbers of CTO, Ruby geniuses, which are, as you say, likely iron filaments aligned to their own SV magnetism...

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