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The io9 Guide To Star Wars

The io9 Guide To Star Wars

The io9 Guide To Star Wars

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Disney's new plan for Star Wars involves the live-action continuation of the Original Trilogy's story that we've been waiting for since 1984, with new "episodes" directed by J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson. All of the original characters are back, along with a host of new, younger characters. But also, a lot of spin-off movies and other projects, which will finally take that sense of a sprawling universe, with lots of stories, into live-action film-making — these start with a spin-off film called Rogue One.

But just as the original Star Wars coincided with the rise of video games and other computer entertainment, the new era of Star Wars is coinciding with the launch of virtual reality systems like Oculus and Magic Leap. It'll be interesting to see how the ancient farwaway galaxy takes part in our next entertainment revolution — and also, how the meaning of this space adventure saga changes for the next generation.

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I never considered the new Star Wars taking advantage of virtual reality. Cool.

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