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Mark Zuckerberg: Stock Price 'Disappointing,' Biggest Mistake Was HTML5 Mobile Focus - Forbes

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Zuckerberg’s first public talk since Facebook’s IPO. Hints at Facebook search engine.

On mobile, no one knows which things are being shared with whom. All privacy goes out the window.

People are underestimating Facebook’s potential on mobile, Zuckerberg emphasized. Facebook has the massive user base of more than 900 million. It has engagement, with mobile users spending more time on Facebook than desktop users. And monetization will be be better on Facebook on mobile as well, he said. “They really underestimate how fundamental and good mobile is for us,” he said.

I know you believe that Facebook will be huge on mobile, Mark.

But I genuinely wonder if users will tire of Facebook.

Already seems like they're beginning to.

Apple and Android win:

Facebook’s biggest mistake was focusing virtually all its mobile efforts on HTML5, Zuckerberg said. The company decided that instead of native apps on iOS or Android it would focus on letting people access Facebook through a browser. It turned out the performance was not up to standards. The company took six to eight months to build “Face Web,” which was internal infrastructure to publish to the mobile web. Then it spent another four months using it before it decided it was a mistake. Now Facebook is focusing on native apps.

I would NOT trust Facebook for this:

He said traditional keyword search engines like Google are fine. But Facebook is positioned to give specific answers to questions such as, “What sushi restaurants in New York my friends have gone to in the past month and liked?” Facebook has a team working on this, he said.

I would trust editors of the New York Times, the Food Network, Zagat, etc.

I trust experts, not my Facebook friends.

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