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Yes, Science Shows Creative People Are More Likely to Be Crazy | TIME

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Fiction writers are 10 times more likely to be bipolar. In poets it’s 40 times more likely. Wow.

Why bipolar? The highs help express new ideas. What about the lows? Obsessively thinking about things is connected to depression but it’s also correlated with creativity:

Because rumination may allow an idea to stay in one’s conscious longer and indecision may result in more time on a given task, it was expected that these two cognitive processes may predict creativity.

Looks like ADHD, BiPolar, and Psychopathy are awesome attributes for successful creative people :-)

Why are we so afraid of those traits? 

Why not grow them in people who don't have them??

Many reasons, not the least of which is that they're very unpleasant to feel.

ADHD makes it hard to focus so though you're creative you can't get things done.

The lows of bipolar are often accompanied by suicidal thoughts. 

And psychopaths can be genuinely cruel to other people. 

So there are some challenges - doesn't mean it's not something to think about :-)

And anything that un-demonizes or learns to harness those 3 states can't be bad.

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