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Photoshop Battle: This man who is very happy with his halibut fish.

man who is very happy with his fish giant halibut Imgur photoshop battle

Imgur comments:

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Putin doesn't need a boat!

Putin on bear with giant halibut Imgur

So full of win! Right he-man?

he-man giant halibut fish photoshop battle Imgur


Aren't all halibut handsome??


merman man fish halibut mermaid meme imgur

Is "merman" the male version of mermaid?

Oy this thread went from funny to nightmare quickly. :)

According to Wikipedia, mermen have melodious singing voices!

So they're like sirens?

Btw I'm shocked that you didn't comment on the Putin pic above.

Finely crafted.  I thought it was real.  

I know these photoshoppers are getting good!

Plus Putin makes the implausible plausible.

Geege Schuman
Geege Schuman
9:12 AM Apr 18 2015
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