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iPhone 7 Prototype

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LMAO, Justin Hileman notes that post-Steve Jobs the temptation is too great to keep adding icons to the iPhone home screen:


iPhone 5s will likely continue the trend...

iphone 5s

iphone 5s

iphone 5s funny

iphone 5s funny

iPhone 6 will continue the Evolution of iPhone ...

iPhone 6 - Tim Cook - evolution of iPhone

...Or will it? Perhaps iPhone 6 will be something new...

iphone 6 features

iphone 6 prototype

iphone 6 theme

iphone 6 concept

iphone 6 meme

iphone 6 gif

iPhone 6 gif meme

But likely it will be more of the same:

iphone 6 funny

iPhone 10: The Tallest iPhone Yet...

iPhone 10

iPhone 8 will be along the way.

:iphone 8

iPhone 20: Return of the Jedi

iPhone 20

Samsung Galaxy s23 makes a nice shield.

iphone 20 and samsung galaxy s 23. an elegant weapon and shield.

iPhone 30!

iphone 30

iphone 30 bruce lee

iphone 30

iphone 30

iPhone 50!!!

iphone 50

iphone 50

iphone 50 the lost bladesman

iPhone 1000 for the win!

iphone 1000

iphone 1000

iphone 1000 the tallest iphone yet

...might we have gone too far?

The size of my laughter exceeds the size of my iPhone. 

Me too! Here's a history lesson of iOS1 through iOS7:

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