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Geologists Unveil New Map Of Magma System Under Yellowstone Supervolcano

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Oh hey, did you know that new research shows the magma system under Yellowstone is much much bigger than they thought? When it blows, half the US will be covered in 6 feet of ash which will harden into concrete when it rains! Happy Friday!!! ps This is a very cool study, basically repurposing data from tons of earthquakes for a new visualization.

Fortunately, the annual chance of eruption at Yellowstone remains 1 in 700,000, which translates to one or two catastrophic caldera eruptions in a million years. Although we don’t expect to get much warning before disaster strikes, for now all is clear with no signs of impending doom.

Still, this is extraordinary:

supervolcano is no closer to erupting today than any other time we’ve talked about it, but geophysicists Thursday reported that our map of the massive system of magma chambers and feeder pipes underlying the infamous hotspot is nearing completion. Their investigation—results of which appear in this week’s issue of Scienceused seismic waves from nearly 5,000 earthquakes to image the subsurface at greater depth and resolution than ever before.

If you change the word magma to sebum, that's just a zit.

Yes but it's huge and the fallout will go hundreds of miles!

A zit of unusual size!

Mother Earth has a big acne problem?

Avoid going to dance parties before avoiding going to Yellowstone National Park...

Your Chances of Dying & Other Health Risks

Yo dawg, everyone knows the problem with dance parties is that dancing goes with drinking, party drugs, ladies looking righteous in a tight dress, and basically everything else that makes young men act the fool. Geology don't have none of that action.

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