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The Long Legacy of Cheating at Harvard -

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Cheating along the Charles, however, is nothing new. Periodic scandals have exposed dishonesty that would have made the institution’s Puritan and Congregationalist forebears weep. And it appears that, after decades of debate, Harvard students are still unsure of what, exactly, “cheating” means.

Harvard is supposed to be exemplary of character, ethics, and leadership.

That Harvard students would argue what "cheating" means shows how little hope the rest of society has to crack down on cheating.

it is a very different academic time

It truly is -- but it makes me question the next generation's leadership abilities as a group.

I wonder if your statement is the regular motif of doom for "future" generations. Things were better "back then" and this new generation "will ruin us all". While it is probably human nature to believe this. I think there is strong evidence that the baby boomers have and are failing us in America.

I dealt with cheating in my ROTC class last year. Disappointment happens and if there is not hard line honor code, then not much of the "whip" can be used to motivate the students to behave. So the "carrot" of being that better person needs to be enough. Often, it takes repeated application and reminders to keep someone on the moral high path.

The carrot of being that better person is not enough to motivate everyone.

But hopefully it's enough to motivate everyone in ROTC.

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