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HIFW I see one of my gifs on PandaWhale

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I like that gif!

I'm sad that Damon Wayans is leaving New Girl again:

The Pandawhale when it visits reddit:

panda whale shark plankton party gif imgur tumblr open mouth eating pandawhale

Someone paint it with panda colors and make it absorb HQ gifs, and poop pink hearts.

Haha, it poops RED hearts.

I thought orcas were panda whales. 

Right, red, like passion and blood, I apologize.

Yeah, but orcas are less cute when they eat.

So true! So what animal is this?

A whale shark, a peaceful shark who only eats plankton like in the video:

Wow, despite the ferocious name whale shark, it's actually a very sweet creature.

Thank you hero0fwar for making this gif:

you could have an amazing life here gif imgur tumblr Carla Gugino hot Kate Hewson Wayward Pines

Found in the Reddit comments for the OP gif:


How cool that a gif maker feels this way about PandaWhale! Thanks, hero0fwar!

love this site

We love you, too, man. I'm digging the new design of ...

And your link to PandaWhale there really made me smile. Thank you!

;) the design is not 100% flawless yet, I have been working on it for weeks now. finally got it to the point where I could at least launch it. I had a PW link on the old look and feel also

You did but this new PW link is up close and personal.

I really like the new upvote / downvote system. Of course I don't downvote anything.

And no design is 100% flawless. Your new design is quite good!

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