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Silicon Valley s2e4 "The Lady" gifs and memes

Richard Carla Jared OJ meme Silicon Valley s2e4 the lady imgur tumblr My best friend's name is Cunty - Look at Thomas not trying to laugh

Richard trying not to laugh at Carla's friend's name.

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Silicon Valley interview Crushed It gif:


Thank you hero0fwar for making this gif:

The full interview scene:

Carla's necklace is the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars:

Silicon Valley Carla necklace Millennium Falcon Star Wars meme Imgur Tumblr s2e4 the lady

Richard is actually quite bad at insults.

erlich richard fuck you fucking metal dick piece of shit gif imgur tumblr s2e4 the lady hbo silicon valley


Thank you hero0fwar for making this gif: