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Natalie Portman: Stop Wars

Natalie Portman Stop Wars

Source: Really? - Imgur

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Meanwhile, Obi Wan prepares for battle with an iPhone 20 and a Samsung Galaxy s23:

iPhone 20 Samsung Galaxy s 23

Apple and Samsung never stop innovating.

Tyranny is the history of civilization. I learned that playing Dune II. But seriously, if you want to stop wars you need to take your campaign global. That shirt needs to be translated into ALOT of other languages.

You can buy the shirt at, of course.

Natalie Portman Stop Wars

Here is the story of the shirt.

Real photo? Natalie Portman captivated the hearts and minds of every adolescent schoolboy Star Wars fan as Padme. Glad to see her career and learning and personal growth have all progressed nicely.

Where Hayden Christiansen? I liked jumper...

Real photo, shot for when she hosted Saturday Night Live.


Stop Wars + Futurama = SO FULL OF WIN!


Captain I am detecting large quantities of win in this sector. ~Star Trek Spock

The only people in the universe who haven't seen Star Wars...

How I met your mother Star Wars

Natalie Raps:

natalie portman blowing kiss gif

Thank you, Natalie. 

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