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We Talked to the Dude Who Plays a Flame-Throwing Guitar in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Dude Who Plays a Flame Throwing Guitar gif imgur tumblr in Mad Max Fury Road NOISEY


Doof Warrior is a blind, maniacal creature mounted atop a tremendous, speeding war machine equipped with a wall of amps and a small army of backing drummers. On this stage to which he is strapped in, Doof wails distorted metal riffs through a double-necked guitar which Miller told VICE was made of bedpans. Ah yes, and one more thing—the guitar shoots a powerful stream of flaming hellfire.

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It was a pretty nice touch, made me laugh!

Sounds like you enjoyed the movie. I haven't seen it yet. Worth seeing?

I made a Mad Max night last weekend between 23h30 and 7h30 in a cinema in Paris.

Mad Max 1, 2 and Fury Road in a row.

I'd say the 3 have something interesting.

1st is interesting on the psychology of the main character. 2nd is interesting because it's founding the post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

And Fury Road is probably the best action movie I have ever seen.

Don't watch it for the plot, it's 100% action. : )


Btw not just action:

Each of the four Max movies is a study of one of the major food groups of human interconnectedness. Mad Max is about husbands and wives. The Road Warrioris basically a Western, so it’s about individuals and communities. Thunderdome is about parents and children. And Fury Road is about women and men — about objectification and exploitation, the self-loathing at the root of misogyny, and the question of whether these patterns can ever be broken. “Where must we go,” a closing epigram asks, “we who wander this wasteland in search of our better selves?”


Lol... okay the PR of Mad Maw 4 did a good job in trying to convince people there's actually meaning in it.

Go watch it and tell me what you think. : )

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