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creative learning videos for kids

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i don't know which i like more.  they are all so good!!

Where did you find these? Are there books too? Is there a Little Woman series?

my brother showed them to me.  and as far as i know there are no books and no little woman series, but those are both great ideas!

i love the little man's accent.  the little woman would have to be equally adorable.

Yes, I would imagine a little woman would be just as adorable if done right. 

Is there any more information available about these?

here is the about page on their website:

little man has a backstory!

"Little Man moved to Big City, USA" from a forest in the USA or a forest elsewhere? Unclear!

his accent makes me think perhaps he's from the black forest.  but he's so little!  how could he have crossed the sea?

i'm going to email and demand details!!  :)

Yes, please do!

That middle one would go viral with Morgan Freeman and Adam Sandler fronting it... 

Wouldn't be much of a stretch for Freeman either... he started out on the Electric Company showcasing his own musical pipes...

I wonder how we can make this happen!

i didn't know morgan freeman could sing!  but, of course he can.  :)

and adam sandler would definitely dig that song!

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